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Capabilities at Grant Industries.

Trust and Dedication to Quality.

Our production facilities demonstrate our dedication to utilizing superior technology to meet the quality our customers expect.

Engineering design


Sound engineering practices ensure efficient design and total control throughout the design planning process. Using a variety of CAD systems, Grant Industries engineering team assists in designing parts and assemblies to deliver improved quality, reduced material cost and optimized manufacturing processes.

We have a reputation for innovation in manufacturing and will work with you in the development of your design, offering input on manufacturing considerations, material selection, selection of secondary operations, assembly automation features and a variety of value-added processes.

Die Build

Die Build.

Our team of highly skilled toolmakers combine old-world craftsmanship with the latest technology to develop and produce high-quality tools. We utilize computer aided design, computer aided machining, wire EDM and other state-of-the-art machinery to shorten lead times and decrease tooling costs.

Grant Industries offers full management of sophisticated dies for new stamping programs or program transfers. We are an innovator in the use of modern tool and design technology, utilizing the highest standards of quality control to produce a wide range of progressive dies.


Clips and fasteners.

Since 1964, Grant Industries has been manufacturing and engineering a wide range of custom clip and fastener products to help its customers remain competitive in the marketplace. Our high-speed, precision presses allow us to deliver products with greater precision and increased volume.

We strive to continuously improve the production and supply of clips and fasteners to manufacturing facilities in order to eliminate downtime and reduce overall cost.

Our clip and fastener products are used by a variety of industries across of a wide range of applications. Look to Grant Industries to provide a variety of solutions for your clip and fastener needs at competitive prices.



From small quantities to large, our modern presses and trained operators are ready to produce precision metal stampings to satisfy your production needs.

Our extensive manufacturing capabilities feature a number of production advantages including:

  • Press sizes of 30 to 800 tons with speeds of up to 1,500 strokes per minute.
  • Skilled set-up mechanics and operators.
  • Experience utilizing high performance alloys.
  • Complete secondary operations.
  • Flexible production programs.
  • Inventory management.
  • Warehousing, storage and consignment programs.

By continuously adopting the latest technology and efficient production methods, we are able to deliver the highest quality parts at competitive pricing.

Grant Industries Robot

Welding & Assemblies.

Grant Industries offers significant expertise in the final product assembly for a wide range of products. We design assembly processes to maximize efficiency, flexibility, and on-time delivery.

One facility is fully dedicated to assembly products and we use the latest technology, including robotic MIG welding and computerized vision systems, to ensure quality. Other services include riveting, staking and resistance and MIG welding.

We offer assembly services to minimize inventory and assure that you receive your parts in a timely manner. Our commitment to quality and utilization of the latest technologies provide real-time information on the status of any job in progress, including quality metrics and delivery schedules.



Grant Industries utilizes prototyping systems that enable rapid development of precision metal stampings. Using state-of-art equipment, we work with our customers to refine part designs, reduce costs and enhance performance.

These systems offer a variety of options to meet specific prototyping needs that closely replicate the performance and behavior of production parts. Through close coordination with our customers, we ensure that a final design will perform as required.